Coney Island Hall of Fame

photos by Sady Sullivan

Today, I attended the 2008 Coney Island Hall of Fame Induction ceremony at the Coney Island History Project museum located under the ever-invigorating Cyclone roller coaster.  Carol Albert accepted a plaque on behalf of Astroland Park and three post-mortem inductees were honored: Woody Guthrie, Granville T. Woods, and William Ward.

The Coney Island History Project has a great growing Oral History Archive and they invite visitors to the museum to leave 1 minute memory videos.

Coney Island Oral History - 1-minute memories

1-minute memory recorder

I ran into one of the Interpreting Brooklyn artists, playwright Michael Schwartz, and my friend Peter Kleeman, curator of the Space Age Museum.

Peter and Michael

Peter and Michael

And lucky for us, a wild coney made a rare appearance.

Sea Rabbit!

Sady Sullivan

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Sady Sullivan is Director of Oral History at the Brooklyn Historical Society.
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