The War Comes Home

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Brooklynite Luis Carlos Montalvan, a veteran of the Iraq War who came with Philip Napoli to see our exhibit In Our Own Words: Portraits of Brooklyn Vietnam Veterans.  Mr. Montalvan’s assistance dog Tuesday was a wonderful visitor to the museum!

Here Luis Carlos Montalvan and Aaron Glantz, author of The War Comes Home: Washington’s Battle Against America’s Veterans speak with Laura Flanders:

Sady Sullivan

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Sady Sullivan is Director of Oral History at the Brooklyn Historical Society.
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2 Responses to The War Comes Home

  1. John Smith says:

    I believe you, Captain Everywhere. I have extensive information about his outside of his military experience. Also, there have been several reports written about him. Here is the latest.

  2. Captains Everywhere says:

    Carlos Montalvan is a liar. We served together in Iraq in OIF 1. He did his job satifactorily, but exaggerates his combat action. More importantly, when we were home in Colorado Springs, he lied to our Chain of Command and stated that he was going to law school and had been accepted in the prestigious Army FLEP program. Which were both lies, he was not in the Law School FLEP program, nor was he going to law school. In short, Carlos did this lie so he could dodge going to Iraq. And when it was finally discovered he was sent out to join us in Iraq half way through our tour of duty and he was placed as the unit secretary (Adjudant). He saw no combat action in OIF 3. He is completely 100% illegitimate. If media resources and/or universities want to find out the truth, they should track down his old comrades. Carlos, has legitimate problems. And serious combat action or challenging Iraq tours are neither of them. This is the honest truth.

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