Brooklyn Navy Yard

Check out this great, and kinda creepy, video about the Brooklyn Navy Yard – it features Rubena Ross, a woman we’ve interviewed for the Brooklyn Navy Yard Oral History Project.

The City Concealed: Brooklyn Navy Yard from on Vimeo.

Sady Sullivan

About Sady Sullivan

Sady Sullivan is Director of Oral History at the Brooklyn Historical Society.
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2 Responses to Brooklyn Navy Yard

  1. Sady Sullivan Sady says:

    Thank you, Ray. I have forwarded your research question to the Brooklyn Navy Yard Archive.

  2. Ray Williams says:

    My father used to work for the Brooklyn navy yard from the late 30’s until he passed in 1947. He was in the first World war. During his work period at the navy Yard I remember in 1946 he had a group picture not on ship or but out front.He was in about the second or third row. His name was Augustus O. Williams. Remembering his tools he must have been a Machinist or Maintence Machinist. I would like to know if this picture still exist in the archives as it was lost in a fire some years back and we have no pictures to show his grand kids. I would appreciate truly if some way you can connect me with some type of photo from an I.D. card or where ever. If there’s any other information needed feel free to contact me at any time.

    Thank You,

    Ray Williams

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