North Brooklyn Story Project

Neighbors Allied for Good Growth (NAG), a community organization that has been serving North Brooklyn since 1994, is starting a project called the North Brooklyn Story Project and their first meeting is tonight at 7pm at 101 Kent Avenue at North 8th Street in Williamsburg.

This is such a wonderful idea, it’s an oral historian’s fantasy that everyone everywhere will start recording everybody else everywhere!  If you live in North Brooklyn, get involved, and if you live in another part of Brooklyn think about starting your own local Story Project.  And if you would like to learn more about archiving oral history recordings and other aspects of collecting community histories, contact us here at BHS.

Sady Sullivan

About Sady Sullivan

Sady Sullivan is Director of Oral History at the Brooklyn Historical Society.
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  1. Sam Beck says:

    Great minds think alike.

    I am involved in a North Brooklyn Oral History project working with Cornell University undergraduates one semester at a time.

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