Brooklyn Beekeepers

I’m loving this new blog about raising bees in Brooklyn:


And it’s really neat that City Councilmember David Yassky (D – Brooklyn Heights) is Pro-Honey:

Legalized beekeeping would ‘stimulate just the kind of niche manufacturing sectors that will be critical to an economic turnaround’.

Sady Sullivan

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Sady Sullivan is Director of Oral History at the Brooklyn Historical Society.
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3 Responses to Brooklyn Beekeepers

  1. Sady Sullivan Sady Sullivan says:

    I’m emailing you some ideas now, Kenn!

  2. Kenn Fethke says:

    I’m not 100% sure if this is the right place to ask for this but I need help in safely removing a bee’s hive from my terrace. Its about the size of a baseball and and safely hidden under the lid of my BBQ qrill.

    Now, here’s the tricky part:
    I am wheelchair bound and unable to attempt to handle this the right way.
    I’m not interested in exterminating the hive but to have it relocated to a better place instead.

    I live in a section of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn called Dyker Heights.
    If anyone could help me out with who to contact for help I would greatly appreciate it.
    I am at

    Thanx in advance,

  3. Hey, thanks for the nod. Nice to discover this, too.

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