Brooklyn Summer H.E.A.T. Reflections

Today’s post is written by Evan Threadgill, who worked at BHS this summer through the Borough President’s Office program, Brooklyn Summer H.E.A.T. Evan is entering his junior year at East NY High School of Transit Technology.  BHS is proud to participate in this program and gives tremendous thanks to Evan for all his hard work!

brooklyn summer heat Today is my last day working at BHS, and the time that I have been here has been great.  Everyday since the first day I started has given me more and more experience in the museum and the office environment.  I was able to see how a museum operates behind the scenes in the office area.  It’s not all easy I guarantee you that, but it was still a great experience and a pleasure to have been working here.  Working along with Janice, Andrea and everyone else here at BHS has been wonderful.  I’ve been in an office environment before when I was much younger at my mothers’ job, but I have never been opened up to it as I was here, and I am glad to have gotten this job.  Hopefully next summer I will be able to get a job close to this one that I have had the privilege of working at. 


About Janice

Janice Monger is Associate Director of Brooklyn Historical Society. She is overseeing the current renovation of BHS's first floor and lower level and is director of the exhibition program, including the Public Perspectives Exhibition Series.
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