Peace Love Hope

This morning I was lucky to witness students from Brooklyn’s PS261 Magnet School for Integrating the Arts on their March on Brooklyn Borough Hall in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  They were carrying signs that read Peace and Hope and I Have a Dream and some students were chanting “Peace, Love, Hope”.  The cellphone photos below capture just a bit of the inspiring spirit these young people brought to Brooklyn today.

Students from PS261 March on Borough Hall

Students from PS261 March on Borough Hall


HOPE and the Statue of Liberty saying PEACE

I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream

Sady Sullivan

About Sady Sullivan

Sady Sullivan is Director of Oral History at the Brooklyn Historical Society.
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4 Responses to Peace Love Hope

  1. To Mr. Davidson

    I worked for seatrain shipbuilding. I wrote a book on Seatrain Shipbuilding. You might like to visit my web site:
    e-mail me at If you have time visit the B.H.S., they have a geat collection of phots I took inside the Yard and print materials. It will bring back momeries!
    F.J. Trezza

  2. Sady Sullivan Sady says:

    Hi Mr. Davidson,
    BHS and the Brooklyn Navy Yard are collecting oral histories about the Navy Yard, including when Seatrain was there. Contact us here at the BHS Oral History Program if you would be interested in being interviewed for this project.
    Thank you,

  3. Edwrd Davidson says:

    The year was 1973.

  4. Edwrd Davidson says:

    I have manny great memories of Brooklyn.’Anyone remember 70 “mad” Scots who stayed at The T owers Hotel on Clark Street. Brooklyn 11201. We worked in the Brooklyn Navy Yard for Seatrain Shipbuilding Corporation.

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