Dr. Bob (In Memory of Bob Vadheim)

Napkins hand-printed in letterpress by Bob Vadheim for BHS

Napkins hand-printed in letterpress by Bob Vadheim for BHS

I also felt compelled to write upon the news of
Dr. Bob Vadheim’s passing.

Dr. Bob was a fascinating, witty and generous man. I enjoyed visits with him at his magnificent home on Willow St.

Dr. Bob was very proud – and BHS is very grateful – that he provided funding to install the clock mechanism on our clock tower so that it would be a properly working timepiece. He also printed letterpress napkins with a Brooklyn design on them – each by hand – which he donated to BHS so that we could sell them and benefit from the proceeds. These were delightful and personal contributions that Dr. Vadheim made to this organization.

I know that he was also proud of restoring a stained glass window at our neighboring St. Ann’s Church and the organ at the Brooklyn Paramount.

Dr. Bob always had a glint in his eye. He will be missed. His generosity in the Brooklyn community remains.

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Janice Monger is Associate Director of Brooklyn Historical Society. She is overseeing the current renovation of BHS's first floor and lower level and is director of the exhibition program, including the Public Perspectives Exhibition Series.
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