Brooklyn History Photo of the Week: Third Avenue, Pacific to Dean Street

Third Avenue, Pacific Street to Dean Street, ca. 1930, v1973.2.216; Photography Collection; Brooklyn Historical Society.

ca. 1930, Boerum Hill. This image shows the corner of Third Avenue, between Pacific Street and Dean Street, the future site of a New York Times printing press building. BHS’s photograph collection features many historic images of street corners and neighborhoods. Visit BHS’s Othmer Library Wed-Fri, 1-5 p.m to search for images of your neighborhood and observe how it has changed over time. BHS’s extensive map and atlas collection can also serve as a resource for you to explore your street’s history.
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7 Responses to Brooklyn History Photo of the Week: Third Avenue, Pacific to Dean Street

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  2. Joan catherine Mulcahy Thompson says:

    The history about Brooklyn is interesting The old farmhouse had slaves !

  3. Joan Catherine (Mulcahy) Thompson says:

    I am curious to know if you found the old Lott farmhouse as it was pictured at one time in The New York Times. I think one of the movies my first husband of my Aunt Cady Kluge Carter Lotts was “Leaves of Grass”

  4. Emma montague says:

    can anyone give me ideas of how i can find out where my grandma lived ,she was here from 1922 1933. i know she worked and lived with a family of a doctor on dean st brooklyn in 1930. she was an irish woman in her 20’s when she was here.would love to find the house .would there be any resident archives for then ?

  5. Joan Catherine Thompson says:

    Would you like a ccpy of the Lindberg Parade map and the story about Granddad’s pier,which was not burning,but there were no police lines as NY politics was mixed up with Tammy Hall. Just as Granddad was going to alert the firemen that the hose had too much pressure it broke lose and sent him under a car.Ripley’s Believe It or Not was there.Lt.Col Ralph A. Kluge, had one funeral at St. John the Divine and another at Arlington cemetery. (May 1932)

  6. Joan Catherine Thompson says:

    Richard Percical Carver was married for about four years to my Aunt Cady (Catherine Kluge whose father,Lt. Col Ralph A> Kluge, mapped out the New York ticker tape parade for Lindberg,started the first Boy Scouts in America,and built the first fireproof pier in NY.etc My mother adored Dick,but Aunt Cady left him for Johnny Voorhes Lott. She had no children by Dick,but a daughter,Catherine Feebie Lott,by Uncle Johnny. Dick remarried,also,but I know nothing about that marriage except he was heartbroken over losing Aunt Cady who in her day was quite a beauty.

  7. Mrs. Joan C. Thompson says:

    Do you still have the pictures of the Lott Voorhees’s farm house with the hidden room where the slaves lived? My aunt married Johnny Lott as her second husband. First was movie director Richard Percival Carver.Her only surviving child lives on LI Mrs. Cathy Divis-Lott.

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