Brooklyn History Photo of the Week: Sledding in Prospect Park

Sledding in Prospect Park, January 1967, V1990.2.39; Donald Nowlan Brooklyn collection, ARC.120; Brooklyn Historical Society.

This photo shows sledders in Prospect Park, January 1967.  Equipped with the wood sleds, plastic discs, and pieces of cardboard, hundreds of winter revelers of all ages flock to the hills of Prospect Park every year. When Prospect Park opened in 1867, it provided a free and accessible public space for Brooklynites to congregate, exercise, and play in the heat of summer and the chill of winter. Today, Prospect Park remains one of the most popular sledding sites in Brooklyn.

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3 Responses to Brooklyn History Photo of the Week: Sledding in Prospect Park

  1. Teresa Cooper says:

    Suicide hill sleigh riding was the best!!!

  2. Sigrid says:

    I have lived in North Jersey for nearly 30 winters and no sledding compares to Suicide Hill at the Center Drive in Prospect Park.
    My brother, sister and I were photographed sledding (Flexible Flyer, of course)there on March 17, 1967. Our Daddy took the day off to take us to the St. Patrick’s Day parade, but we went there instead. Daddy would leave the car running since my feet would freeze and I sat with my feet stuck up the floor boards to get warm. Such great memories…

  3. John Brandt says:

    This brings back memories! This looks like Suicide Hill!

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