Brooklyn History Photo of the Week: Isidore Aschner Cabinet Card

Isidore Aschner cabinet card, ca. 1890, v1992.40.12; Fred Hoyt family research collection; Brooklyn Historical Society.

This image is of Isidore Aschner, one of Abraham and Jeannette Aschner’s six children. The Aschners were German natives who immigrated to New York around 1870. The family lived at 67 Pineapple Street in Brooklyn Heights and owned cigar emporiums around Manhattan and Brooklyn. This cabinet card was donated to BHS in 1990 by Fred Hoyt in as part of the Fred Hoyt family research collection. Isidore, the gentleman featured in the image above, was Fred Hoyt’s great uncle (brother of Fred’s grandmother Ernestine Aschner).

The Hoyt collection features papers and photographs, dating from 1850 to 1974. Mr. Hoyt collected many of these materials while conducting genealogical research. The collection includes correspondence, genealogy notes, school papers, commencement programs, a deed, calling cards, religious writings, obituaries, wills, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and citizenship papers.

This image was taken by Samuel Bowne Duryea at his studio located at 253 Fulton Street, Brooklyn. Duryea was a well-known portrait studio in Brooklyn. BHS has images from Duryea and a number of other Brooklyn studios as part of our Brooklyn studio portrait collection, which includes primarily cabinet cards of individual men, women, and children, circa 1875 to 1899. Cabinet cards were an extremely popular style of portraiture in the 1870s and 1880s before being replaced by snapshot and personal photography in the 1890s.

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