Photo of the Week: Pug Love

Ernestine Aschner’s pug-dog “Toby”, ca. 1895, v1992.40.6; Fred Hoyt family research collection, ARC.043; Brooklyn Historical Society.

Though this cabinet card dates back to the late 19th century, the image possesses a timeless quirkiness. From the Fred Hoyt family research collection, the photograph shows the pet “pug-dog” of Ernestine Aschner (a German immigrant to Brooklyn and aunt of Fred Hoyt), poised in a decorative chair with a doll companion. Even today, pugs–and their owners–seem to have a certain precocious quality about them. One trend that has certainly endured the years is the inclination for owners to take photographs of their pets. And if the canine companion can be coaxed into a whimsical human-like pose… all the better.




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