Photo of the Week: Happy Chanukkah Hanukkah Channuka?

Grandmother at Hanukah Party in Brighton Beach, ca. 1980, v1992.43.29; Marcia Bricker photographs, v1992.43; Brooklyn Historical Society.

Happy Chanukkah* Brooklyn!  Wednesday, December 12 is the fourth day and the fifth night of Chanukkah.  So, gamble away your chocolate gelt over a crazy game of dreidl, catch a glimpse of the bike-drawn menorah in Williamsburg, or attend any number of menorah lightings around town, and definitely overdo it on the latkes – Chanukkah comes but 8 days a year!

One more thing: call your Bubby and thank her for the real Chanukkah gelt.

* And yes, this is MY preferred spelling of the festival of lights.  Google it any way you like because as far as I can tell, no one has come to an agreement on the spelling – except maybe in Hebrew (chet, nun, kaf, hey).

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