Photo of the Week: Volunteerism

Reading aloud to the Tuesday group (blind women), ca. 1935, v1991.110.160; Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service records, ARC.129; Brooklyn Historical Society.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Day and the President calls us to a National Day of Service (, I turned to the Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service records to find a photo of Brooklyn volunteers, and remind us of the little things one can do for the benefit of the larger community. The Bureau of Community Service was an organization that led a number of initiatives for people with disabilities, children, and others. In this photo, a group of blind women are read to during their Tuesday group gathering. As the new year begins, we can all pitch in with big and small deeds via

For more information about the Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service, now Brooklyn Community Services, go to their website. Follow the MLK Day’s events or tweet about your own activities via @MLKDay.

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