Brooklyn Bounty 2014: Brooklyn Oenology

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Brooklyn Oenology: Celebrating Creativity with Wine

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BOE Wines adorned in Brooklyn-made art.

The definition of oenology (en-olo-gy) is the science of wine, but Brooklyn Oenology (BOE) can be defined as the art of wine. Founded by aerospace engineer-turned-winemaker Alie Shaper in 2006, BOE is a wine producer that celebrates art, Brooklyn, and New York’s local cuisine and wine. BOE has had their tasting room in Williamsburg since 2010, but luckily for us their tastings will be on hand at Brooklyn Bounty 2014.

I caught up with BOE’s general manager Craig Kayaian at their tasting room to learn more about the business (and art) of wine. BOE is committed to New York-grown wines, so all of their grapes are sourced from Long Island or the Finger Lakes. Kayaian points out that New York has the largest volume of wine consumption, but much of that is European and Australian wine. BOE is highlighting the spectacular wine we can produce in our own backyard, so there’s no need to dust off any pesky carbon footprints from transatlantic wine flights when enjoying a crisp glass of BOE wine.

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Local Artists on the walls at the BOE Tasting Room.

When walking into the BOE tasting room, you may think for a moment that you’re in an art gallery. The walls are decorated with local paintings set against the rustic industrial-style interior of the room. The bright colors on the walls are complemented by the colorful racks of wine—every bottle of BOE wine is adorned with a label that features artwork by NYC based artists. The images on the bottles are eye-catching and are carefully selected to embody the feel of the wine – a true marriage of art and wine. Even better, all of the labels are stickers, so no need to say goodbye to your art after you finish the bottle. All of their art comes from local street artists, small art fairs and online galleries, offering a great platform for emerging artists.

BOE adds to the local scene not only by promoting local products and art, but by offering great events at their tasting space. I will definitely be returning for their “Pickleback” tastings, where a variety of local pickle and jerky flavors are paired with BOE wines. They also have a wine club and a wine CSA, both of which feature parties and special deals for members.

Brooklyn Oenology Tasting Room, 209 Wythe Ave in Williamsburg.

Brooklyn Oenology Tasting Room, 209 Wythe Ave in Williamsburg.

It’s not surprising Shaper is helming such an inspired shop. In her days as an aerospace engineer, she designed fighter pilot helmets, yet she ultimately found her creative passion in wine. She channeled her science chops into making a top quality product, offering it in an experience that is truly artistic.

At the end of my interview, fortunately it was “wine o’clock.” I got to sample BOE’s Social Club White, a table wine with fruity notes. It was delicious, and as I sipped and enjoyed, I took in the art on the walls with a smile and thought how fortunate Brooklyn Bounty revelers will be.

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Written by Avi Scher, Development Intern.

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