Flatbush + Main Episode 00: Welcome to Flatbush + Main, a podcast from Brooklyn Historical Society

Brooklyn Historical Society is excited to launch Flatbush + Main, a monthly podcast dedicated to Brooklyn’s many-layered history and its dynamic present. Each week you’ll hear co-hosts Zaheer Ali and Julie Golia dig into some of the most compelling stories that we come across everyday in our work as historians at BHS.

Primary sources are the bread and butter of what we historians do, so we’ll be featuring documents, images, artifacts, and more from BHS’s rich archives – pictures of which we’ll post to the Brooklyn Historical Society blog. As BHS’s Oral Historian, Zaheer will share clips from our oral history collection, which includes over 1,200 interviews from narrators born as early as the 1890s.

Over the next couple of months, new episodes will tackle topics from raw sewage to hip hop to pioneering female political leaders – all through the lens of Brooklyn. In the meantime, check out this introductory episode, in which Zaheer and I talk about our vision for the podcast – and how we landed upon the name “Flatbush + Main.”

We’ll be posting show notes for each episode on the BHS blog, so check back each month to explore full oral history interviews, images of original documents, links to relevant commentary, and more.

Got a great idea for an upcoming Flatbush + Main episode? Email us at flatbushandmain@brooklynhistory.org or leave a comment on this post. And don’t forget to subscribe to Flatbush + Main and to rate us on iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever platform you use to listen to podcasts.

We’re looking forward to meeting you each month at the intersection of Brooklyn’s past and present.

Julie Golia

About Julie Golia

Julie Golia is the Director of Public History at Brooklyn Historical Society and co-host of BHS's podcast, Flatbush + Main.
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3 Responses to Flatbush + Main Episode 00: Welcome to Flatbush + Main, a podcast from Brooklyn Historical Society

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  2. Julie Golia Julie Golia says:

    Hi Sandra, Flatbush + Main is a podcast, which is essentially an audio show that we produce monthly and make available in various ways online. The simplest way to listen to it is here on the Brooklyn Historical Society blog. But if you use an audio service like iTunes, you can subscribe to Flatbush + Main, and then iTunes lets you know when we’ve created a new episode each month. Thanks for listening and sharing your Flatbush experiences!

  3. Sandra Tashoff says:

    My Flatbush roots are really important to me. I grew up in Flatbush from age 6 – age 20+/-. I do want to subscribe to Flatbush + Main. Please advise if this is only a podcast – I do not understand this technology or if I have what I need to subscribe to something that is only a podcast – I do not have a website.


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