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Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation oral history open to researchers in January, 2017!

Brooklyn Historical Society (BHS) and Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation (Restoration) partnered on the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation Oral History project in 2007-2008 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Restoration’s founding as the first community development corporation (CDC) in the United States. Fifty-six interviews were conducted … Continue reading

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Flatbush + Main Episode 07: Brooklyn’s Women Politicians

In less than a week, Americans will go to the polls to choose a new president – and for the first time, one of the major party candidates is a woman. In episode 07 of Brooklyn Historical Society’s podcast Flatbush + Main, co-hosts Zaheer Ali and Julie Golia consider the important legacies left by several of Brooklyn’s female politicians, and the intersectional nature of gender and politics in this incredibly diverse borough. They learn about the remarkable career of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm from historian Zinga Fraser, and draw connections between Chisholm’s politics and today’s political landscape. In their explorations of the papers of NAACP staffer Richetta Randolph, they expand definitions of what constitutes political work. In “Voices of Brooklyn,” they listen to influential activist Elsie Richardson describe her interactions with Robert Kennedy during his 1965 visit to the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant. Finally, they welcome BHS Manager of Teacher and Learning Alex Tronolone, who plugs BHS’s Election Day Professional Development programming for New York City’s K-12 teachers. For complete show notes, go to brooklynhistory.org/flatbush-main. Continue reading

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Flatbush + Main Episode 01: Histories of Waste in Brooklyn

Last Friday, April 22, was Earth Day, recognized since 1970 as a day to agitate for environmental consciousness and protection. In honor of that, Episode 01 of Brooklyn Historical Society’s podcast Flatbush + Main tackles one of the most pressing … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bounty 2014: ReConnect Café

In anticipation of Brooklyn Bounty, BHS’s premier fundraiser at 26 Bridge on October 22nd, we are profiling our participating restaurants and honorees of the Food & Heritage Awards. Below is a profile of ReConnect Café, recipient of our Pioneer Award, … Continue reading

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A Magnolia Tree Grows in Brooklyn

  Note: The events described in this post took place in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant during the 1960s and 70s, and were part of a larger story of civil rights activism across Brooklyn. For more resources on the history … Continue reading

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