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90 Minute In-class Workshops

history huntersDuring these 90-minute workshops held in your classroom, a museum educator leads a discussion of the lesson's themes and facilitates student exploration of related primary sources. Workshops start at $150 for groups of up to 30 students. To book, please call our Education Coordinator at 718.222.4111 ext. 241.


Choose from the following programs:


NEW! Bats, Balls, Nets and Hoops: Stories of Sports in Brooklyn

Grades: 4–12

The history of sports in Brooklyn provides an intriguing window to enduring issues in American history, from immigration and civil rights, to urbanization and changing gender roles. Students will explore these themes using case studies about baseball legend Jackie Robinson, 1940s African-American track star Mary DeSaussure Sobers, Prospect Park as a locus of play, and basketball’s roots in Brooklyn long before the arrival of the Nets. Learn more about Bats, Balls, Nets, and Hoops: Stories of Sports in Brooklyn.


NEW! Brooklyn Navy Yard: Past, Present, Future

Grades: 6–12

From its origins as a shipbuilding site to its recent rebirth as a modern urban industrial center, the Brooklyn Navy Yard's evolution has reflected major chapters in American history. In this in-class workshop, students will use primary source documents and images to connect the Brooklyn Navy Yard with larger themes, including industrialization, urbanization, civil rights, gender equity and environmentalism.

History Speaks: Using Oral History in the Classroom
Grades 4-12

Oral histories are recorded interviews that document personal memories, spoken recollections of events, and reflections on experiences.  BHS’s oral history collections began in 1973, include interviews with narrators born as early as 1890, and currently contain over 840 interviews conducted in English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin.  In this workshop, students will use excerpts from the BHS archives to practice careful listening and will understand that studying history is not just about presidents and dates.


Oral History in Practice

Grades 1-12

This workshop, available for groups of students or teachers, is a soup-to-nuts guide to embarking on your own oral history projects.  We will discuss interview techniques, listening skills, recording equipment suggestions, and archival best practices including how to share your collections with your community.  Please schedule at least eight weeks in advance.


Brooklyn at Work

Grades 26

Through primary source investigation, students will learn about work and workers in Brooklyn in 1900 and today. Students will consider how new immigrants changed the world of work and explore the continuing evolution of labor, wages, and working conditions.


Brooklyn on the Move

Grades 26

In this lesson, students will draw on documents and photographs to learn about the history of transportation in Brooklyn and how changes in transportation, buildings, and streets played a role in the transformation of Brooklyn from a village to a metropolis. Students will share their findings about Brooklyn’s changing cityscape with the class. 


Two-Part Extended Programs

These two-session programs allow students to explore more deeply a historical period or theme. They are comprised of a BHS educator-led 90-minute in-class lesson followed on another day by a two-hour walking tour that builds on the themes developed in the class portion. These programs cost $300 for up to thirty students. To book, please call our Education Coordinator at 718.222.4111 ext. 241.

The Brooklyn Bridge from Classroom to Caisson: A Walk Back in Time

Grades: 25

Duration: 90 minutes in class and two hour walking tour

Site: Your classroom and BHS

Brooklyn Bridge ImageSession One: In your classroom, a BHS educator will lead a hands-on study of primary source images of Brooklyn before the Bridge, during its construction, and afterward to explore its impact on New York City. These content rich activities will form a springboard for continued learning during session two, a walk onto the Bridge.

Session Two: During a multi-sensory walking tour through historic Brooklyn Heights and onto the Brooklyn Bridge, students will examine the built environment and learn the stories of John, Washington, and Emily Roebling. 


History Hunters: Seeking the Industrial Age in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Grades 711

Duration: 90 minutes in class and two hour walking tour

Site: Your classroom and Greenpoint, Brooklyn

History HuntersSession One: During this in-class workshop, a BHS educator will lead your class in an exploration of the history of Greenpoint, Brooklyn and how it was shaped by trends in urbanization and industrialization. Students will investigate historic maps, photos, and newspaper articles to craft a historic narrative about a specific sites and their connections to national history.

Session Two: A BHS Educator will hit the streets of Greenpoint with your class, but the students will become the tour guides, sharing their findings about industrialization, manufacturing, and immigration at each historic site.


In-School Residencies

For a longer-term collaboration, the Brooklyn Historical Society offers in-school residencies in which a BHS educator, over the course of several in-class workshops, aids in the teaching of elements of the social studies curriculum. We will tailor the focus and scope of the partnership to your school's goals and needs. All programs include an emphasis on guided discussion, group activities, and experiential learning. For more details, please call our Education Coordinator at 718.222.4111 ext. 241.