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Each week, we share an interesting or curious image from the BHS Archives on the
BHS Blog.

POTW TintypePhoto of the Week:

Tintypes are hard to miss if you come across one in person. They are thin iron (not tin) plates typically with a blackish or brownish hue and crisp detail. They were invented in 1854, and gained popularity in the 1860s as an inexpensive and accessible photographic method. Tintypes were less expensive and easier to make than their predecessor, daguerreotypes. For the first time, families could afford to have their portrait taken and to send the plates to friends and family. Tintype studios began as a formal process in photographic studios, but later were introduced as novelty items at fairs or amusement parks in mobile booths or open air (as depicted in this scene).

What happened to this once-popular photo format? Find out on the
BHS Blog...

[Portrait of two women, one man and eight children on the beach], circa 1890, V1981.283.1.63; Burton family papers and photographs, ARC.217; Brooklyn Historical Society.

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