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Since 1863

Brooklyn Historical Society makes the vibrant history of Brooklyn tangible, meaningful, and relevant today. While our sites are closed, we invite you to take advantage of our many virtual offerings. See some below.

Closed for now

  • BHS DUMBO Closed
  • BHS Pierrepont Closed
  • BHS Pierrepont Gift Shop Closed
  • Othmer Library Closed

Explore BHS's New Map Portal!

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Map Portal, which grants worldwide, public access to nearly 1,500 maps, spanning the years 1562 to 2015, at the stroke of a key. Among the holdings explorable on this new website are political maps, transportation maps, property maps, survey maps, pictorial maps, topographical maps, cultural maps, and nautical charts. Hundreds of the maps are hand-drawn and one-of-a-kind. Others represent the only existing copies of maps that were originally mass-produced. Among the items that can be explored are 25 rare Revolutionary War maps, including British surveys of the territory before the revolution, and maps detailing battles that took place in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Using this new portal, you can find your way to countless new adventures through Brooklyn's history!

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