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Who We Are

Connect with BHS staff and meet our Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees

James Rossman, Chairman
Lucy Baumrind
Timothy Bradley
Greg Brayman
Jacqueline Charity
Joel Cohen
William R. Coleman
Steven Eisenstadt
Linda Ferber
Matt Fishbein
Lauren Glant
Rhonda Greene
Mike Haddad
Cas Holloway
Wes Jackson
Sylvia W. Lewis
Joe Liebman
Alan Nisselson
Valerie Oliver-Durrah
Robin Ottaway
Nancy B. Pearsall
Susan Rifkin
Peter Schubert
Samuel W. Seymour
Timothy Simons
Sharon Volckhausen
Anne Clarke Wolff
Rudolph Wynter

Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President
Sandra Chapman, Borough President Designee
Steve Levin, New York City Council Member
Ellen Meyers, Council Member Designee
Bill DeBlasio, Mayor of the City of New York
Dominic Williams, Mayoral Designee

James Laughlin, Trustee Emeritus
Martha A. Rubin, Trustee Emeritus in memoriam
Gina Ingoglia Weiner, Trustee Emeritus in memoriam

BHS Staff

Main Office: 718-222-4111
Fax: 718-222-3794

Office of the President

Deborah Schwartz

Bailey Bretz

Administrative Associate and Assistant to the President


Randi Burroughs

Carrie Caroselli

Special Events and Annual Giving Manager

Maggie Davis

Heather Malin

Vice President for Advancement

Hayley Schulkind

Senior Manager of Institutional Giving

Programs and Communications

Marcia Ely

Bo Mendez

Programs and Outreach Associate

Steven Thomson

Programs and Communications Manager

Curatorial Affairs and Collections

Zaheer Ali

Oral Historian

Daniel Brenner

Digital Projects Archivist

Cecily Dyer

Special Collections Librarian and Manager of Reference and Outreach

Julie Golia

Vice President for Curatorial Affairs and Collections

Nalleli Guillen

Historian and Project Manager, Revealing Long Island History Project

Maggie Schreiner

Manager of Archives and Special Collections

Anna Schwartz

Collections Manager, Art and Artifacts, and Exhibitions Manager


Sonnet Takahisa

Shirley Brown Alleyne

Manager of Teaching and Learning

Alex Tronolone

Manager of Teaching and Learning


Jason Pietrangeli


Justin Codes

Patrick Valentine

Director of Operations and Retail