Photo of the Week: Pining for Warm Weather


[Summer, Circa 1897, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, N.Y.], ca. 1897, v1973.4.1081; Postcard collection, v1973.004; Brooklyn Historical Society.

In the last Photo of the Week blog post, one of my colleagues wished for a “healthy, normal dumping of snow,” and she certainly got her wish! I visited Prospect Park last Friday afternoon and watched people sledding and enjoying the snow, but any delight I felt in the snowy landscape has given way to bitterness towards the bitter cold. I, personally, am ready for a summer picnic in Prospect Park like the one shown in this postcard from circa 1897. It may be months before we can lounge on the grass in Prospect Park again, but until that time, we have these images to remind us of the pleasures of warmer weather.


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