Photo of the Week: Prospect Park

[Tennis on the Long Meadow], circa 1915, v1973.5.3422; Brooklyn photograph and illustration collection, ARC.202; Brooklyn Historical Society.

[Tennis on the Long Meadow], circa 1915, v1973.5.3422; Brooklyn photograph and illustration collection, ARC.202; Brooklyn Historical Society.

The photo of the week depicts lawn tennis on the Long Meadow in Prospect Park, around 1915. To celebrate the park’s 150th anniversary, Brooklyn Historical Society has partnered with Prospect Park Alliance to present a new exhibition titled The Means of a Ready Escape: Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. The exhibition highlights the social history of the park and features over one hundred artifacts and documents. We hope you will join us in celebrating Prospect Park’s rich history at the opening tomorrow, July 13, at BHS Pierrepont.

This photographs comes from the Brooklyn photograph and illustration collection comprised of roughly 7000 items dating from 1900 to 1950. The collection provides a comprehensive documentation of the borough of Brooklyn with images of neighborhoods, homes, buildings, and infrastructure. To see more photographs from this collection, check out this gallery.

Interested in seeing more photos from BHS’s collection? Visit our online image gallery, which includes a selection of our images. Interested in seeing even more historic Brooklyn images? Visit our Brooklyn Visual Heritage website here. To search BHS’s entire collection of images, archives, maps, and special collections visit BHS’s Othmer Library Wed-Sat, 1:00-5:00 p.m.

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4 Responses to Photo of the Week: Prospect Park

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  2. mnbvc says:

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  3. Kay Corkett says:

    I attended the Opening of the joint BHS and Prospect Park Alliance exhibit last night and I was blown away by the beauty of the design and richness of the items and information displayed. WELL DONE! The film made by Bklyn. Union Gas in 1966 of the of the 100th anniversary parade and park party in 1966 was priceless! I’m coming back to see it again. I’ve only been a member of BHS for one year, but now intend to renew every year that I am able. Thank you from the bottom of the heart of a born Brooklynite. Kay Corkett
    Brooklyn Heights

  4. joy dolce says:

    I appreciate reading anything about Brooklyn, particularly Flatbush, Prospect Park where I learned to ride a pony many years ago….and especially anything related to Ditmas where I was raised. I’ve been in touch lately with various people who have offered information about Brooklyn in general and my specific areas of interest.

    Thanks so much, Joy Dolce

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