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Park Slope Walking Tour

By Sady Sullivan

Posted on October 27, 2009

You can download a Walking Tour of Park Slope here.

And you can listen to voices from Park Slope to accompany the tour:

LIFE OF A BLOCK Produced by independent radio producer, Laura Starecheski

The Rubin Family: 3 Generations in Park Slope [audio:]

The Rubin Family: Fire on Carroll Street [audio:]


Interviews by Corie Trancho-Robie, Columbia Oral History Research Office

Red, White, and Bubbly: Darrin Siegfried [audio:]

DeSilva South Brooklyn Liquors: Floyd DeSilva [audio:]


Interviews by Sady Sullivan, Brooklyn Historical Society

Park Slope Food Co-Op: Joseph Holtz [audio:]

Lesbian Herstory Archives: Maxine Wolfe [audio:]


Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn: Louise Crawford [audio:]

The Declaration of Co-Dependence: The Blog That Must Not Be Named [audio:]

Narrated by Francis Morrone.

Recorded by Laura Starecheski, Sady Sullivan, and Corie Trancho-Robie.

Produced by Laura Starecheski for the Brooklyn Historical Society.

Thank you to everyone who was interviewed, and to the Borough of Manhattan Community College.


  • Richard Canfield

    Posted on October 20, 2015

    Jim Donovan played by Tom hanks in "Bridge of Spies" movie lived in 35 PPWest. His "drop box" was the sand box in Prospect PArk at top of Garfield Place. Joseph Murphy, the person confirming Gary Powers identity in the prisoner exchange on the bridge, grew up on Montgomery Place.

  • Tricia Murphy

    Posted on March 16, 2015

    Hello. I wonder if you can help me? I am writing the sequel to my 19th Century historical novel Áine and in it one of the characters moves over to New York to start an import/export business buying and selling cotton. I have been trying to find a suitable location in which to set the family home and think that Park Slope might be right but cannot find any information on the type of house they might live in. The Brownstone houses appear to be late 19th Century which would not be applicable. If you could give me any information on the type of house a wealthy businessman might live in - say mid 19th Century - I would be most grateful and place such an acknowledgement in my book. Thanking you in anticipation. Kind Regards, Tricia Murphy, Witney, UK

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