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Flatbush + Main Episode 05: Whose Crown Heights?

In episode 05 of Brooklyn Historical Society’s podcast Flatbush + Main, co-hosts Zaheer Ali and Julie Golia do a deep dive into the history and future of Crown Heights, a neighborhood in central Brooklyn, on the 25th anniversary of the 1991 Crown Heights Riot. Throughout Crown Heights’ history, its many diverse residents have debated the boundaries, ownership, and meaning of this ever-evolving neighborhood. Julie and Zaheer consider how the question “Whose Crown Heights?” has shaped the neighborhood’s history from the 18th century to the present, they crack open the “Crown Heights” folder from the Vertical File in BHS’s Library and Archives, and listen to residents Rabbi Simon Jacobson and Iyedun Ince reflect on their relationship with and observations about Crown Heights. For complete show notes, go to brooklynhistory.org/flatbush-main. Continue reading

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