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Young Curators & Scholars

Students become authors and curators of their neighborhood’s history.

Offered in partnership with elementary, middle, and high schools, these programs introduce students to the dynamic process of historical research about their neighborhood.

Over the course of four to six months, a cohort of students collaboratively research a topic about their neighborhood’s history, analyze primary and secondary sources, and communicate their findings in a book (Young Scholars) or in exhibit panels (Young Curators) that become the property of the school.

View the book curated by the Young Scholars of PS 307 exploring the history of the Empire Stores in DUMBO here!

Brooklyn Historical Society partners with NYC public schools to seek Cultural After School Adventure (CASA) grants from local City Council members in order to offer the Young Curators program at no cost to participating schools and students.

We have successfully brought our Young Scholars and Curators CASA programs to over a dozen Brooklyn elementary schools since 2006. These programs may also be funded through school budgets. For inquiries, e-mail [email protected] and mention Young Scholars or Young Curators.