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Census Race NYC Map
April Monday

The Unscientific Science of Categorizing Race


A person classified in 1900 as black, could be mulatto in 1910, and white in 1920.

As long as there has been a census, its racial categories have been fluid. This history tells the story of our county’s evolving self-understanding, particularly in its social construction of race. Join Paul Schor, professor at the Université Paris Diderot and author of the ground-breaking book, Counting Americans: How the US Census Classified the Nation, for a fascinating examination of the slippery business of racial labeling, and what the census’ wildly changing racial categories reveal. Schor is joined in conversation by Jarrett Murphy, executive editor of City Limits.

Presented as part of the program series Unpacking the Census about the history, impact, and ramifications of being counted.


Monday, April 06, 2020

6:30 pm


  • General Admission $15
  • Member Admission $10